Teamviewer QuickSupport Download

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Download the Teamviewer software by clicking this link below which will open in a new browser window:

Teamviewer QuickSupport

You are now on the Teamviewer Download Page. Scroll down about half way and look for the Teamview Quick Support section.

There are 2 choices, download a Windows version or an Apple Version. Click the Windows Version.

Your browser download will ask you if you want to save. Choose Yes and select the destination if you do not have a default.

We use the Desktop as its easily accessable.


After it is downloaded click on the file and Install. 

Follow the instructions.


The Teamviewer QuickSupport software should start automatically and provide you with a UserID number and a 4 Digit Pin.

When you call, give this ID and temporary password to the Fix IT Consultant so he can log in to your PC and see your screen and control your mouse and keyboard, and you can begin to discuss and diagnose your problem.