Set up Google Search for English only results

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Google has a habit of defaulting to the local country search engine of the country you are in, going to when you're in Japan, and in France, for instance.

If you're not a native speaker of that country's language this is a pain. You can change your language and search result preferences, say back to English for example but a lot of times the preferences you apply just don't stick. 

For myself and a lot of others, every time you close and re-open a new browser window, which could be several times a day and search google, you'd be taken to results from, french page results in French, no matter if you had just changed the preferences (again) back to English. This is a major irritation for a lot of people and a flaw from Google. After looking into altering Cookies and other suggestions and perhaps switching Search Engines to Bing or Yahoo, I found a solution for Firefox.

You can set Google up in your Top Right browser search box that will actually fix Google's language back to English by just using an add-on.


If you are using Firefox, easily fix it this way by following the steps, no coding whatsever!



1. Install Add To Search Bar.

Add To Search Bar - an add-on for firefox, by installing this, you can delete the original google search engine (which'll default to your country locations google search) and replace it with a new one. 

You can download Add To Search Bar from here:


Restart Firefox so the add-on can be used.


2. Go to this english Google page:

This is Google in English.  You can bookmark this search engine if you like.


3. Click on the search bar, right-click on it and click "Add To Search Bar".

A new Google icon will be seen in the drop down list of search
engines, the new Google icon should be seen from the lowermost area. 
If you search on it, results will now have English as its main language.


4. Delete the older Google icon and you can move the new icon up through the "Manage Search Engines" from the drop-down list.

And your finished!